Sabtu, 19 April 2014

DIY : Phone Cases

Hi guys! Lately Customized phone case is most popular. Many online shop on instagram that i saw offered to make customized phone case by request. Almost the various brands of the phones had the own phone cases and on average are able to be customized by online shopping. Price range of the phone cases around IDR 80k -150k. A bit pricey i think :| So, now i challenge you to make your own phone case and the price is no more than IDR 15k. Yeaaah! :) (i bought my clear phone case only IDR15k) Check this out!

There are many picture references that you can take on pinterest
And this is a reference that inspiring me to make DIY phone cases, Love it so much!  [ here ]

Jumat, 31 Januari 2014

Shadow Box : Wedding Gift

Hello everyone! 
It's a long long time i didn't post anything in my blog. 3 month 4 month ?! No! more than that i think, and i forget when it the last (yup! without peeked the last one :p). I'm sure you didn't need a reason why, right? hahaha.  At the fact I'm back now because i really miss my blog. halah :p
Okey forget about it! and lets talk about something more interesting :p Okey! Listen to me, Lately I'm fascinated by something sort of shadow box. Do you know shadow box? Hhmm... This is a defenition that i got when i was googling, Shadow box is a shallow rectangular box with a transparent front used to protect and display small items (jewelry, coins, etc.). Have you imagined it was? If still not, I have some and share it special for you :)

 This is a wedding gift that i made for my lovely friend, Icha. She was my classmate at High school. Lucky me, my ex classmates exact 4 at high school really kept in touch until now and really support our moment together. Until now we still hold a social gathering (read; arisan) every month although sometime we met up at whatsapp only, hehehe  But, it's so lovely :D
Time is changing, My friends one by one have found 'the right one' and got married. It's really happy to see their smiley face at the moment, that's really beautiful. :)) So.. this is  a proof of love from my 'exact 4' mates to each other, Icha, A shadow box. :D

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