Jumat, 31 Januari 2014

Shadow Box : Wedding Gift

Hello everyone! 
It's a long long time i didn't post anything in my blog. 3 month 4 month ?! No! more than that i think, and i forget when it the last (yup! without peeked the last one :p). I'm sure you didn't need a reason why, right? hahaha.  At the fact I'm back now because i really miss my blog. halah :p
Okey forget about it! and lets talk about something more interesting :p Okey! Listen to me, Lately I'm fascinated by something sort of shadow box. Do you know shadow box? Hhmm... This is a defenition that i got when i was googling, Shadow box is a shallow rectangular box with a transparent front used to protect and display small items (jewelry, coins, etc.). Have you imagined it was? If still not, I have some and share it special for you :)

 This is a wedding gift that i made for my lovely friend, Icha. She was my classmate at High school. Lucky me, my ex classmates exact 4 at high school really kept in touch until now and really support our moment together. Until now we still hold a social gathering (read; arisan) every month although sometime we met up at whatsapp only, hehehe  But, it's so lovely :D
Time is changing, My friends one by one have found 'the right one' and got married. It's really happy to see their smiley face at the moment, that's really beautiful. :)) So.. this is  a proof of love from my 'exact 4' mates to each other, Icha, A shadow box. :D

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