Kamis, 18 Oktober 2012

DIY : 'vintage dress' clutch

There are some old clothes belong to my mom that still nice to wear, although a bit smelly and yellowish, but if it had been washed, maybe the people wouldn't think that it was a old clothes :) Unfortunately, the clothes that I found, it was slightly smaller than my size, and there're some short skirts because my mom didn't wear hijab yet at that time, so i couldn't wear all of it because as you know, i'm a moslem who wear a hijab. Was i desperate? No, because i want to keep wear it in another form.
 I persuaded my mom to give me some, and start to makeover that stuff to be something new ^o^


there are some sewing with a machine and the others sewing by hand...

Sssttt... a little secret, this is the first time my work  use a sewing machine, so please be understood that the results aren't as neat as you imagine :p hehehe

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